Early life & Secular education

Mathews Mor Aphrem( former name James) was born to Skaria and Sossamma Chitteth on August 5, 1968 in Arincherumala, Wayanad District. His home parish is St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Kaniyambatta, Malabar diocese. He has served as an altar boy in his home parish from childhood. He was very active in Sunday school as a student and teacher , and actively involved in other spiritual organizations of the church. James was a very good singer in the Sunday School stages and consistently won prizes in Sunday school, district, diocese and association levels.

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Theological Studies

For initial theological studies, James joined Malecruz Dayaro and earned Diploma in Theology in First Rank from Malankara Syrian Orthodox Thological Seminary, Vettikkal, Mulanthuruthy. During his studies in the seminary , he earned deep knowledge in syriac language and liturgical music. He had received special training from The Late H.G. Markose Mor Coorilole and Thommattel Asan. These eminant persons were known for their aunthentic knowledge in syriac language and liturgical music. He mastered bethgazo( Syriac melodies).

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H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mor Philexinos, Metropolitan of Malabar diocese ordained James Chitteth as Korooyo on March 14, 1991 at St. george Jacobite church Kaniyambeta. He was ordained as Apudiyaqono on April 19, 1993 by the late Geevarghese Mor Gregorios (Perumpally Thirumeni) at St. Marys Soonoro church Elamkulam. Dn. James was ordained Kassisso by H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mor Philexinos on 27 May in the year 1994 at St. George Jacobite church Kaniyambeta and was appointed as the Vicar of St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Soonoro Church, Velamkode, Kozhikode District.

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In the year 2006, The Holy Episcopal Synod, with the permission of Supreme Head of the Church, Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, decided to split Ankamali Diocese—the largest Diocese in the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church—into four regions, which was later approved by the diocesan council. A special meeting of vicars and representitive of churches of Highrange region was held and elected Fr. James Chitteth as metropoitan unanimously of that region .The nomination of The Highrange region was approved by the Council of Anakamy diocese.

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Current responsibilities.

Auxiliary Metropolitan of Ankamali Diocese - Perumbavoor Region.

In Charge of the Office of the Foreign Affairs of the Church.

President of MJSSA.

President of Liturgical and Biblical Accademy at Purhencruz.

Chairman of Liturgical Committee.

Professor at MSOT Seminary Vettickal, Mulanthuruthy.

Chairman of MA College Associaton, kothamangalam.

Member of National Board of CASA, Delhi.

Member of United Theological College Exicutive Committee,Bangalore.

Member of Cathololic Dailogue Committee.

Memebr of Marthoma Daologue Committee.